• F&B Communications
        The food and beverage (F&B) industry is one of the most long-standing industries of our economy. As global market forces such as consolidation and changing consumer preferences are driving the continual evolution of the industry, competition grows more fiercely every day. At the same time, the F&B industry is often faced with more conflicts and risk events since it is so interconnected with our daily lives.Therefore, brand awareness and reputation are crucial elements for success. To help our F&B clients come out on top in the ever-changing business environment, we make use of interdisciplinary knowledge, industry experts and resource network to develop efficient marketing practices for them. We also invest time on improving the fundamental aspects of these companies, which will allow easier implementation of marketing strategies. Additionally, we gather F&B columnists and writers to review our clients' businesses, pitching media regularly to secure coverages across multiple media platforms such as online and print. In the past, our innovation has helped many F&B companies meet tough challenges with ease and remain steadily competitive.
  • Event Management
        Corporates often organize events for potential customers to experience products or services directly. As a professional marketing company with considerable background in event management, we take an integrated approach in developing engaging experiences that produce measurable results. And we marry that up to technology, production and execution capability to ensure the goals of the clients are properly reached. We can hold various types of events including exhibitions, road shows, product launch, grand opening, seminars and conferences. We can custom-create any type of event and scale the experience to accommodate different target audience in a timely manner under affordable budgets. The attendee-centric designs of our events can effectively transmit clients' marketing messages and reach overall marketing goals. Our events' promotional hooks will pique consumers' interest and get you in front of influential groups, making sure that the public gets to know you and leaves hungry for more.
  • STUDIO Service
        From music to photography, Tastesquare Studio can help you turn your creative vision into reality. Our studio is available for rental and offers a range of professional photographic production services. Music lessons and small-scale performances can also be held in this versatile space. The studio is conveniently located in Kwun Tong, just a walking distance from the MTR station. There are also plenty of parking spaces available close by.
        Tastesquare Studio has two floors, which span 1,800 sq.ft. in total and have a 16 ft. high ceiling. The top floor is a pleasant client reception and lounge area. The bottom floor is a multipurpose studio space fully decked out in professional photographic and sound equipments, exquisite lighting system and high-quality musical instruments, making it the perfect venue for all your production needs. In addition, the studio features a private dressing room, a production office, a bathroom as well as blazing fast unlimited Wifi. Whether it's for personal or business use, Tastesquare Studio can certainly provide an ideal and comfortable environment for your artistic expression.

    Studio address: Flat E, Basement, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre Phase 2, 460-470 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong (Kwun Tong MTR station Exit D4)
  • Graphic Design
        Graphic design is the process of using visuals as a medium of communication and expression. Through creating and combining symbols, images and words with different methods, graphic design can help to visually present abstract ideas and messages. Quality graphic design is essential to forming a potent corporate image. From brainstorming a concept, to compromising with clients, to completing the designs, every step of the graphic design process can affect a campaign’s promotional outcomes. Our graphic designers strive to execute designs that make clients’ brand images stand out, delivering marketing messages in the most impactful way and leaving target audience with a lasting impression.